Core Values

Our educational programs are garnished with basic traditional virtues such as gratitude, honesty, work, self-reliance and kindness.  We try to help in such a way as to create a minimum of dependency and a maximum of peer cooperation.  When people ask for help, we ask for help from them in return.  Ultimately, we would like for our programs to be self-supporting and to work ourselves out of a job.

Our programs are centered in third-world poverty, which is foreign to most Americans.  It’s very real and tragic.  Its roots are centuries old and its effect is multi-dimensional; hence the wide scope of our programs. 

We give in areas where these folks cannot help themselves.   The feeding programs are designed with the critical developmental window of children in mind.   If children do not get sufficient nutrition during these formative years, they lose mental and physical capacity that they might ordinary have and that they will need to lift themselves out of their endemic poverty.