We began our work in Guatemala City in 2003 with an orphanage in Zone 15.  Casa de Sion was not an adoption hogar as were many orphanages at the time, but instead, we took abused and neglected children from the court system.  We eventually moved our orphanage near Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands where the poverty and need was so much more pressing.  It was startling for us to see that most of the children in these rural pueblos needed to be in orphanages.  They needed parental attention and guidance, a better diet, help succeeding in school, and medical and dental care.  The cruel tentacles of endemic poverty were crushing their future.

In time it became obvious that for the same amount of money it was taking to run a small orphanage we could help hundreds of children that lived at home.  Eventually, these thoughts crystallized into the “orphans at home” program that is now lifting a community of children at a time through our feeding and educational programs.