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Site Policies

We strive to maintain a family friendly, high integrity website. Information presented here is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge.

We do exchange links with other selective businesses. We attempt to assure that links on our site lead only to family friendly and high integrity sites, but due to the changing nature of the web, we cannot guarantee that links will not change. We request that site visitors notify us if they feel that any links or content on this site is inappropriate, and we will review and take action if we feel the items are inconsistent with our policies.

Privacy Policy

We don't sell your email address to anyone, or share it with anyone else. We will use your email address only for the following purposes:

If you give us feedback, request information, or contact us, we will return appropriate information to you. We won't send you spam, and we won't put you on a mailing list without your consent. We don't collect sensitive information from our clients or site visitors without their knowledge. We protect your sensitive information and do not share it with anyone else, nor do we use it in any way that is not visible, and to your benefit.