Medical and Dental

Whenever possible we invite medical and dental teams to visit the pueblos where we have programs as well as surrounding areas in need.  Intestinal parasites (because of unsafe water) and respiratory diseases (because of smoke-filled houses from open, in-home cooking fires) are the most common medical problems facing the rural population.  But scanty nutrition and little knowledge of basic health exacerbate what would normally be minor health problems.

The first thing that you notice in the Guatemalan Highlands is how short of stature the Indians are.  This is not genetic but the result of poor nutrition.  The same Mayan Indians several hundred miles north average about seven inches taller.  This stunting is a sign of severe malnutrition


If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, physical therapist or other kind of health professional and would like to donate a few days to helping those that really need help, then contact us below.  We do have accommodations that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.  The beautiful Highlands of Guatemala make for an excellent volunteer vacation.


Click here if you would like to donate your time, or donate the time of a medical or dental team.