Mothers and Tots

We began the Mothers and Tots program when we heard that a relative of one of our employees lost a newborn because the mother had no breast milk.  With the scanty nutrition of so many of the local Indians Moms produce little or no breast milk.  And for women with breast milk it is often nutritionally deficient.  Infant formula costs $20+ a month in Guatemala and is obviously beyond the reach of those living on a subsistence basis.  We rely on the generous donations of volunteers to keep us supplied with formula for newborns.

We began a once a week meeting for mothers and their children too young for school.  We feed both of them a nutritious meal; and believe me, there are never any leftover food scraps!   Every other week we distribute formula to at-risk infants under one year old.  We do not discriminate whether the mother is nursing or not because the nutrition of the mothers themselves is so precarious.  The children between age 1 and 5 take home a daily nutritional supplement called incaparina, which is a high calorie soy-oat supplement

Pregnant moms, who usually have small children, get a take-home package of one egg a day and prenatal vitamins.

We have classes for the adult women on health, basic reading and writing, and virtues.  Meanwhile the children get a stimulating child development class.

If you would like to donate formula or cash to buy incaparina.  You can sponsor one mother and her children or $20  per month or a civic group or church can sponsor an entire village. Contact us here.