Education is a must for success in our contemporary world.  Those in Guatemala who have any money at all send their children to private schools.  The Mayan Indians have just come around in the past few decades to the importance of education.  First, they began sending their sons to Primario and now their daughters.  In the communities where we have programs many of the mothers cannot read, write their name, do simple addition or speak Spanish; they have to rely on their children.

Guatemala has responded to an international initiative and Primario is currently “free.”  But there are costs such as school supplies, craft provisions and things such as toilet paper, which the students are expected to help contribute.  A $100 scholarship covers these basics and a knapsack full of essentials such as notebooks, pencils, pens, paper and the like.  Unfortunately, school is not mandatory and tragically some parents still will not let their children attend.  For parents that grew up without an education there is always the enticement of sending your child off to work to help bring money in for the family.

 Basico or middle school is not free and the cost is beyond the reach of many rural families.  Costs range from $250 to $350 per year which includes inscription, monthly fees, uniforms, shoes, books, typing classes and miscellaneous fees.  We provide scholarships to children, who show interest and promise, and graduate from our tutorial program.   We have found that success is directly related to parental support, which means giving the kids time to attend our programs.  Our scholarship children are usually those who attended our tutorials every day and not just on Monday, Wednesday and Friday when there was a meal.

Diversicado or high school is beyond the reach of most rural Mayan families.  In addition to the fees which are higher than Basico there is transportation which can often double the total cost.  But this level of education is a ticket into the middle class.  We have heard proud parents say that their child will graduate from Diversicado the same way a working class American family might say that their child was the first ever to go to college.


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