Questions and Answers

What is the weather like?  Guatemala is called “the land of eternal spring.”  In the Highlands where we are located the temperature is usually ranges from the fifties at night to the mid-seventies during the day.  A light jacket or sweater is the most warmth you’ll need.  The rainy season starts in May and lasts through October.  Come prepared for an afternoon shower each day.  If you leave the Highlands, the temperature will increase by twenty degrees.
Should we be concerned about safety issues?  As with any third-world country, you should take certain basic precautions.  Leave any expensive jewelry at home.  Don’t travel at night unless you know the roads.  Be discreet when handling money and don’t give out money to strangers.  We have more detailed guidelines that we send to visitors, but in general, if you follow basic common-sense rules, you will enjoy your trip without incident.

How far are you from the airport?  Our projects are located about two and a half hours from the Guatemala City Airport.  We have an excellent shuttle service that can handle an individual or two and large teams.

What points of interest are nearby?  The town of Panajachel is about fifteen minutes away.  There are many fine restaurants to suit a variety of tastes and the main street is lined with native craft booths.  From Panajachel you can travel by boat to anywhere on beautiful Lake Atitlan.  Google Panajachel or Lake Atitlan for more details.  From Panajachel you can take a shuttle to a number of other points of interest.

If we volunteer, what will we be doing?  We try to match your skills with our needs.  We perpetually have construction projects or repairs.  Carpentry, masonry and painting projects are always on the venue.  The children attending our programs always enjoy a little extra attention and the school next door loves to get an English class.