Self Reliance

The need is great throughout the Central Highlands of Guatemala.  The poverty here ranks among the worst in the world.  It is long-standing and its sources are complex; its solutions are going to take time and will be equally complex. 

The programs that we are initiating are developmental in nature and designed for a long-term relationship.  It’s not like building a school and then moving on to the next community that needs a new building.  The people in these outlying pueblos have been trapped in poverty for generations.  They have suffered from malnutrition for years and are years away from being able to fully provide for themselves.  They have been undereducated for generations and it will take a generation or two for these folks to appreciate the value of education.

But one of our goals is for our programs to become self-sustaining.  We would like for each of these communities to eventually cover the costs of their own programs, and then ultimately to manage them themselves.   Once our programs are established in a community and a sense of trust has been founded, we create opportunities for the members themselves to make money as well as support our programs.  We have begun a craft and fine jewelry production through the Mothers and Tots program.  And specialty farming ventures are possibilities such a greenhouse production.

As we get to know each community, we do an assessment of strengths and talents.  We can then help create opportunities for our own self-sufficiency and for that of these local communities.  The self-respect of being able to care for one’s own family and to help create one’s own future is the aim of our programs

If you would like to help create jobs in these rural communities, sell crafts at home or help in another way, contact us here.