The plane ride from the United States to Guatemala is usually two to four hours—much easier than halfway around the world.  We have a reliable shuttle service for large and small groups that will meet you at the airport.  We also have a bilingual, in-country director that will organize your stay and make necessary arrangements.

Individuals and groups can stay at our facility at Los Robles.  We have several rooms with bunks suitable for the young and the young-at-heart.  These are hostel-like accommodations that include warm showers and bunk beds and simple, healthy meals.  Fees run $20 per day per person.  

Our place in Los Robles

For those with a few more years, we have a volunteer house which is much more to American tastes. The showers are hot and the beds larger.  We have a large kitchen and a maid on staff to cook and clean. There is reasonable internet access.  You are just fifteen minutes from Panajachel and its restaurants and vacation activities.  Fees run $30 per day per person with a minimum of eight people.  (We do work with smaller groups, feel free to ask what your options are).

The net income from your visit goes into our programs.

If you are interested in working with us, and are in need of accommodations, click here.



Casa De Sion

 We have room for teams of 20 people in our beautiful building.


El Kaiser Entrance

 The entrance to El Kaiser.