The “orphans at home” program is designed to give the benefits of orphanage life to the children in third world poverty while allowing these children to stay at home where the lifelong familial bonds can develop.  For the same six thousand dollars a month it was taking to keep twenty to thirty children in our orphanage we can now help a 150 to 200 children with our after- school tutorials and feeding program.   Besides a nutritious meal, which includes protein, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and after-school tutoring, we provide English classes, clothing and shoe distribution and access to visiting medical and dental teams.

For children that show interest and promise we provide scholarships to continue attending school beyond the primary grades.  While the costs are meager according to American standards, they are often far beyond the reach of rural families living on a subsistence basis.

To maximize the potential of the children we serve from the very earliest we provide neonatal nutritional supplements, infant formula, and incaparina distribution.   We also provide child development classes for the mothers and the children.

Reports from both the local teachers and our pediatrician show significant improvement in the health and educational performance of the children in our programs.  We are improving the lives of these children and they in turn will improve the next generation.